Water 3.0 Riing Red 280 Water 3.0 Riing Red 280 Water 3.0 Riing Red 280 Water 3.0 Riing Red 280 Water 3.0 Riing Red 280 Water 3.0 Riing Red 280 Water 3.0 Riing Red 280
Water 3.0 Riing Red 280

Water 3.0 Riing Red 280

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All-in-one 280mm liquid cooler with dual patented Riing Red high-static pressure fans with PWM function.

Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing Red 280

Designed to exceed enthusiast’s expectations, the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing Red 280 comes with dual 140mm high-static pressure patented LED fans with a large surface radiator, high performance waterblock and pump for ultimate CPU cooling. The built-in Riing fan adopted PWM fan, compression blades and hydraulic bearings that guarantee superior cooling performance and quiet operation. One simple upgrade allows users to enjoy better cooling performance and greater CPU protection!

Tt LCS Certified

“Tt LCS Certified” is the hallmark that ensures first-class performance from the best features and fitment. A certification exclusive to Thermaltake, it sets the benchmark for all true LCS chassis and is applied only to products that meet our stringent design standards for delivering what hardcore enthusiasts demand. The Tt LCS certification is a way for Thermaltake to designate to all power users the chassis which have been tested for best compatibility with extreme liquid cooling configurations.

Riing 14 LED Red Radiator Fan

Featuring high-static pressure design, exceptional cooling performance and ultra-silent operation, the patented LED 140mm fan utilized PWM fan, concentrated compression blade, hydraulic bearings, wind blocker frame and anti-vibration mounting system. Moreover, the built-in LED ring can maintain color and brightness uniformity. The lighting is visible from all sides and angles.
China Patent : CN204498539U
US Application Patent : 14/702,806

High Efficiency Radiator

Special designed 280mm large surface radiator not only doubles the cooling surface, but also supports up to 4 x 140mm fans for additional heat dissipation.

High Performance Waterblock

The high performance copper base plate accelerates the heat conductivity. The pre-refilled coolant reduces any stress from liquid replenishment hassle.

High Reliability Pump

The high quality and reliable pump enables the maximum amount of water circulation, keeping the copper plate continuously cool. The low evaporation tube effectively decreases the loss of coolant; therefore no refill is either needed or required.

Simple Setup

Featuring the latest cooling performance, the self-contained design of the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing Red Series provides an easy installation system and a totally maintenance-free operation, requiring only the minimum amount of space in the chassis.

More Information
P/N CL-W138-PL14RE-A
Weight 1181g
Pump Rated Voltage : 12 V
Rated Current : 175 mA
Water Block Material : Copper
Fan Dimension :
140 x 140 x 25 mm
Speed :
800 ~ 1500 R.P.M (PWM)
400 ~ 1000 R.P.M (Low Noise Mode)
Noise Level :
18.5 ~ 26.4 dB-A
Rated Voltage :
12 V
Max. Air Flow :
22.14 ~ 40.6 CFM
Max. Pressure :
0.57 ~ 2.01 mm-H2O
Connector :
4 pin
Tube Length : 326 mm
Material : Rubber
Radiator Dimension : 313 x 139 x 27 mm
Compatibility Intel LGA 2066/2011-3/2011/1366/1156/1155/1151/1150
*AIO Cooler bracket adapter comes in the AMD Threadripper CPU box.

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