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Urban T81 CA-1B7-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Play3r Date : 2015/02/23


- Elegant and sleek design
- Spacious inside
- Lockable side panel
- Great water cooling support
- Support for E-ATX motherboards
- Removable Optical drive trays and hard drive cages
- Great cable management support
- 3x pre-installed 200mm fans


Urban T81 CA-1B7-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Date : 2014/10/13


  • System wentylacji

  • Elegancki design

  • Mnogość rozwiązań

  • stabilność konstrukcji



Urban T81 CA-1B7-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Futurelooks Date : 2014/10/12


  • Truly modular hard drive bays
  • High quality machining
  • Fully supports all-in-one and custom liquid cooling systems
  • Fits up to two triple fan radiators
  • Includes the right amount of cooling fans
  • Wire management coupled with 10-channel fan hub
  • Dual hinged doors with lock
  • Filters and vents are all removable
  • Good price for the features and quality

Urban T81 CA-1B7-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : PC ekspert Date : 2014/10/07

Pozitivno +

Velike dimenzije – prima u sebe sve živo i mrtvo, izuzetna fleksibilnost u pogled instalacije vodenog hlađenja, vrlo moćno tvornički ugrađeno zračno hlađenje, filtri za prašinu na svim otvorima, prozirna bočna stranica, bravom osiguran pristup unutrašnjosti, laka organizacija i skrivanje kablova, ima otvor za instalaciju hladnjaka na procesor, ugrađen kontroler za reguliranje brzine ventilatora, mogućnost vađenja svih kaveza za diskove.


Urban T81 CA-1B7-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Overclockers Club Date : 2014/09/09

"To conclude, this chassis isn't far from the ideal high end chassis. It definitely has its place in the market with a unique style crossed with performance; appearing simple and elegant, but is a beast underneath. If the bright lights and mesh design choice of the Thermaltake Core V71 does not fit your style, but the frame itself does, then this is what you should buy."


  • Advanced water cooling support
  • Well built metal frame
  • Dedicated fan-hub
  • Support for large aftermarket CPU coolers (185mm)
  • Support for high-end graphics cards (400mm)
  • Long internal cables / 8-pin extension cable
  • Easy cable management (20mm behind tray)
  • Good manual
  • Modular design
  • 360° dust filter coverage

Urban T81 CA-1B7-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Modders Inc. Date : 2014/08/05

 This is definitely a water coolers case. You don’t have to water cool your build to enjoy the room, ascetics and beauty of a case like this. It’s still a fantastic case even without water cooling but it is feature rich and many are for cooling.
“This is a classic in the making, Builders and Modders REJOICE!”


Urban T81 CA-1B7-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Pure Overclock Date : 2014/07/29

When all is said and done, Thermaltake did not disappoint in what can be considered their first new outing or a reintroduction into enthusiast class custom water cooling cases. There is a huge distinction between a compatible case compared to one explicitly designed for that purpose and we are starting to see more focus on features like tool-less removable cages, overall height and length for radiator support, integrated 10 fan controller, alternative drive mounts, pump/reservoir mounts or stands and 140mm fan support.


Urban T81 CA-1B7-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Think Computers Date : 2014/07/24

- Sleek design
- Dual-swing door design
- Modular storage system
- 4 included fans
- Lots of room for watercooling
- Easy installation

- Would have liked to see tie-downs on the back of the motherboard tray


Urban T81 CA-1B7-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Rigged Date : 2014/07/22

Pro und Kontra

  • Sehr gutes Preis-/Leistunsverhältnis
  • Umfangreiche und durchdachte Features
  • Wunderbare Verarbeitung
  • Viel Platz für Bastelarbeiten
  • Kabelstauraum etwas gering






Urban T81 CA-1B7-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Hartware.Net Date : 2014/07/15

+ zweigeteilte seitliche Tür und Fronttür
+ entfernbare Festplattenkäfige
+ vier Lüfter im Lieferumfang (1x 140 mm, 3x 200 mm)
+ Lüftersteuerung (für bis zu 10 Lüfter)
+ alternativer Festplattenplatz
+ Staubfilter vorhanden und leicht zu reinigen
+ Platz für sehr große Lüfter und viele Modelle
+ Platz für viele und sehr große Radiatoren
+ Anschlüsse im Top (HD-Audio, 4x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0)


Urban T81 CA-1B7-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Tweak Town Date : 2014/07/09

"Years of new design and features into a chassis has culminated in the Urban T81, the best "standard" chassis we have ever seen from Thermaltake."


Urban T81 CA-1B7-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Neoseeker Date : 2014/07/04

"Installing the test computer system was an easy task with plenty of room to maneuver components into place. The external drive bay for mounting the DVD has a very study tool-free locking mechanism, and the HDD trays are easy enough to remove for mounting your HDD or SSD. With plenty of screws for mounting extra fans or a water cooling system, the Urban T81 will surely make for a convenient system building experience."


Urban T81 CA-1B7-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : HardOCP Date : 2014/05/20

The Bottom Line

Surviving our enthusiast testing process isn't a chore to be taken lightly. Every case that comes through the HardOCP labs is thoroughly examined, pushed to the limit, and tested in ways that we feel gives you an accurate assessment of the product's ability to perform in the manner you would use it at home. The Thermaltake Urban T81 is a fantastic case that has something to offer just about everyone. Whether it be a massive file server, water cooled enthusiast rig or a gaming rig, this case has you (and your components) covered.


Urban T81 CA-1B7-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : NikkTech Date : 2014/04/14

After the very good Core V71 Full Tower we didn't know exactly what to expect from the Urban T81 although Thermaltake has released a few models in their Urban line that left us with very good impressions. Fortunately it seems that Thermaltake is on a roll since we liked the Urban T81 even more than the Core V71.


- High Build Quality
- Elegant Design
- Two Side Doors
- Superior Airflow Right from the Factory (3x200mm/1x140mm Fans)
- Maximum Airflow Levels (4x200mm/3x140mm Fans)
- Room Up To 4 Radiators (2x360/420mm - 1x280/240/140/120mm - 1x240mm)
- 10 Way, 2 Speed Fan Hub
- Fully Removable Drive Cages
- Vertical Drive Spot
- Almost Inaudible
- Price (For Some)


- Only Two 5.25" Bays


Urban T81 CA-1B7-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : eTeknix Date : 2014/04/08

eTeknix says: “The Thermaltake Urban T81 is easily one of the greatest chassis that Thermaltake have ever made, the inclusion of four high quality fans, as well as its dust filters, fan hub, fan controller, radiator support and modular storage, make this one of the most versatile chassis available on the market today and a perfect solution for any high end system build.”


  • Four high quality pre-installed fans
  • Dust filters on all air intakes
  • Highly modular storage bays
  • Extensive water cooling capabilities
  • Great cable management
  • 10 port fan hub
  • Build in fan controller
  • Sleek aluminium front panel
  • Very competitive price given specifications


  • Bottom dust filter could do with being a little wider



Urban T81 CA-1B7-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Noticias3D Date : 2014/03/07


  • Buen diseño en general
  • Espacio interno de sobra para disipadores, VGAs y discos duros
  • Filtros para el polvo extraíbles
  • Curiosa ventana lateral
  • Rehobus integrado


  • Frontal de plástico
  • No es fácil quitar del todo la tapa lateral