MSRP: $29.99   
P/N: AC-022-OO1OTN-C1
Chassis > Core > Core X9 Accessories
Design Specification Think Green


Windowed Side Panel
Users can customize the chassis for the best viewing presentation with single window panel or double window panels, making your own personal setup.


Perforated Side Panel
Smooth perfrated side panels ensures optimal airflow, delivering outstanding cooling performancemore, more capable and flexible to house enthusiasts’ dream.


120mm and 140mm Fan Brackets
A perfect match for the new Core X9. The fan bracket attaches directly on the side of the chassis. Users can easily install any 120mm or 140mm fan in to the frame adding extra cooling for users the demand the best cooling possible.
HDD Cage and Tray

On the basis of full modular design, HDD cage and tray can be easily removed or installed to suit users’ particular needs, increasing the flexibility and expandability when building X9.