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Thermaltake Individually Sleeved 6+2Pin PCI-E Cable – Blue
The 6+2Pin cable is for supplying power to the graphic cards. The new Thermaltake individually sleeved cables are all engineered with black heat-shrinks to ensure high quality cable assembly and support for high currents to achieve great performance and stability. The Individually sleeved 6+2Pin PCI-E cable provides a stylish look that seamlessly matches up with the interior of the chassis. There are 3 colors to choose from - blue, red, grey - making the chassis neat and aesthetically appealing.
Triple Weave Design
Ultra-density triple weave design makes the individually sleeved cables the best available cables on the market.
Enhanced Flexibility and Cable Management
The individually sleeved cables can help ease installation and optimize airflow.



Type Available Length (mm) Tt PSU Compatibility
Individually Sleeved 6+2pin PCI-E Cable
* Toughpower Grand Series- 650W/750W/850W (Fully Modular)
* Toughpower Grand Series- 650W/750W/850W (Semi-Modular)
* Toughpower DPS G Series- 450W/550W/650W/750W/850W/1050W
* Toughpower Series- 550W/650W/750W (Semi-Modular)
* EVO Blue 2.0 Series- 650W/750W/850W * Smart SE Series- 530W/630W/730W
* Smart Series- 450W/550W/650W/750W/850W (Semi-Modular)