P/N: VO545A1N2U
Chassis > V Series > V2 Plus (USB 3.0) US Only
Design Specification Think Green
V2 Plus (USB 3.0) US Only


Ventilated front panel enhanced superior airflow.
Excellent EMI protection design.
Support 3 x 5.25” and 7 x 3.5” drive bay.
Anti-slip feet design enhance stability.
One SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port and one USB 2.0 port implemented at the front-top panel

Total Output Connector

20+4-pin Main Connector X 1
4+4-pin +12V Power Connector X 1
4-pin Peripheral Connector X 2
4-pin Floppy Connector X 1
5-pin SATA Connector X 2
6-pin PCI-E Connector X 1