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Design Specification Think Green
TriP Travel Series Surge Protector



- Designed for home & office usage
- 3 outlets + 2 USB ports protect against surge
- Delivers powerful 2.1A output, iPad2 compatible
- Supports iPad, iPod, iPhone, and other USB devices
- Charge two USB devices at the same time
- Surge Protector LED status indicator
- Phone & network surge protection


Features & Applications

Compact size, lightweight

Charge & protection

Hidden swivel plug

Surge protection LED

Why we need a surge protector

What is surge?

Electrical power quality changes frequently. Anything over the standard voltage can be called a "spike" or "surge". You may not feel the voltage change and they may be so brief, even smaller everyday surges can degrade the performance of your electronics.

There are many factors will cause a surge or spike, include

  • switching on/off refrigerators and air-conditioners
  • lightning
  • fallen power lines
  • switching of a nearby electrical substation

All your expensive electronics that connects to AC outlet needs protection.

How surge protector work?

Surge Protect is a device that controls any power from the outlet to your devices. Every surge protector has a component called MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) which is able to recognize surge or spike conditions and reacts by blocking, absorbing, or shunting extra voltage to ground. A MOV can absorb excessive energy, and it is measured in Joules. The higher joules means the more energy a MOV can absorb, but it degrades each time.