P/N: CL-P001-AL12RE-A
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NiC L31 Non-Interference CPU Cooler:
Originating the same concept by incorporating the proprietary technology, new Thermaltake NiC series L31 ( previous lineup consists of the F3, F4, C4, and C5 ), another new mainstream CPU cooler with non-interference cooling space for the ram and motherboard area, the advancement towards silence, performance and compatibility. Fully compatible with RAM of all kinds, ideally for power users to fill their RAM slots with high-end overclocked RAM.
New Standard Non-Interference Cooler
NiC L31 solves the problem that high performance RAM and CPU coolers cannot co-exist in the past, it achieves the best RAM clearance allowing user to install high end overclock RAM with coolers with ease.

Enhanced Airflow
Three solid Φ 8mm Direct Contact Heat-pipes conduct the heat effectively, support up to 160W. This ensures the best possible heat dissipation performance conducting heat effectively.

Competent design

Opening on the fins are designed not only for its distinctive looks but also for performance. The opening of the top fin extends to the opening of the bottom fin creating an even dissipation surface.

Low profile 120mm PWM fan
The slim-looking fan frame is designed to avoid interference with other components on the motherboard achieving a low total height of only 140mm. Spin speed from 500 - 1800rpm automatically. Additional fan can be added.

Universal Socket Compatibility

Support all latest Intel and AMD platform. Including Haswell LGA1150.