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Water 3.0 Pro
For a liquid cooler, enthusiasts not only looking for an easy and clean setup to efficiently calm the roaring CPU, more likely they also crave for the best low-maintenance solution. The new Thermaltake All-In-One LCS Water 3.0 Series is formed to support these desires of enthusiasts. Upgrade the simplicity of liquid CPU cooling to enjoy better cooling performance and protect the investment in the CPU as well.
High Performance Waterblock
Full copper base plate enables maximizing the heat conductivity. Plus, it helps improve case’s airflow too.
High Efficiency Radiator
49mm thickness radiator benefits rapider cooling surface
Double Curve Fan

Dual 12cm high airflow PWM fans (1200~2000rpm) for faster heat dissipation and tranquility

High Reliability Pump
The high quality reliable pump enables maximizing the water circulation and keeping the copper plate continuously cool.
Easy and simple installation
The Water 3.0 Series features the latest cooling performance technology from Thermaltake, with simple installation, and totally maintenance-free operation. Unlike full-blown air coolers, but easy to install and don’t take up much room in your case.