P/N: CL-F003-PL12BL-A
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Odin 12 LED
The Thermaltake Odin 12 LED is a stylish and high performance fan with a luminous white LED. The thunder-shaped fan blade design not only enhances airflow, but also provides the best cooling solution inside the chassis. Four changeable color frames allow users to embellish in their own ways.
High Performance
The Odin 12 LED fan supplies an unsurpassed cooling down end result with fan speed up to 1200RPM. Users can feel free to stay focused on the tasks at hand without any distraction.
Unique Fan Blade Design
The thunder-shaped fan blades deliver a higher airflow without creating any excess noise and the 9-bladed design providing the best airflow inside the chassis. Thus, keeping everything as cool as it can be.

Long-Life Sleeve Bearing

With better stiffness, the long-life sleeve bearings are much more suitable for moderate- to high-speed applications, offering enhanced reliability as well as an extended life span.

Easy Installation
The Odin 12 LED is designed to be quickly and easily installed, thereby saving time and avoiding any installation problems that may arise.
Changeable Color Frames

A changeable top cover with four vibrant colors-red, white, blue, and yellow-to match the users preferred choice of color scheme that will be compatible with their mood!