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All Thermaltake discontinued product provide a high level of functionality and meet "new product specifications." These products have not been used prior to your purchase. Thermaltake discontinued product indicates that the product has been ended of its lifetime and no longer available at any vendors, but available only from Thermaltake. All discontinued products are offered 90 days limited warranty against manufacture defect.
  P/N: CL-R0028
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Heatsink Dimension   
Heatsink Material    Aluminum
Heat Spreader   
Thermal Module    Ø 6mm Heatpipe + Copper fin
Fan Dimension   
Fan Speed   
LED Fan   
Max. Air Flow   
Max. Air Pressure   
Noise Level   
Power Connector   
Rated Voltage   
Started Voltage   
Rated Current   
Power Input   
Compatibility    DDR, DDR2 RAM
Weight    155 g
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