P/N: W0319
Power Supply > TR2 RX > TR2 RX 850W (US)
Design Specification Think Green
TR2 RX 850W (US)

ATX 12V V2.3 & EPS 12V 2.91 enables most reliable and robust power delivery.
Guarantee to deliver 850W of continuous power output at 40℃
Robust and dedicated single +12V output provides superior performance under all types of system loading.
80 PLUS® Bronze Certified: 82% or more efficiency at 20%, 50%, and 100% load. 
Double forward ultra-efficient circuitry design for added power savings.
Ultra-quiet 140mm cooling fan delivers excellent airflow at an exceptionally low noise level by varying the RPM in response to temperature.
Universal AC input 115V~240V automatically scans and detects the correct voltage for different country.
99% Active Power Factor Correction provides clean and reliable power to your system.
Cable Management improves internal airflow by reducing cable clutter within PC to promote accelerated heat removal.
Intel® & AMD CPU compliant.
Nvidia® & ATI/AMD graphic card compatible.
Dimension: 150mm(W)x86mm(H)x160mm(L).
High reliability: MTBF>100,000 hours.
Built in industrial-grade protections: Over Current, Over Voltage, Over Power and Short-Circuit protections.
Safety / EMI : UL/ CUL, TUV, FCC, CE, GOST and BSMI certified.

Technology Features

Latest ATX 12V V2.3 & EPS 12V 2.91 design enables robust and reliable power delivery.

140 mm Fan – High thermal  performance.

Next generation graphic cards with 6+2P(8P) PCI Express connector.

8-Pin EPS connector enables support for latest Intel and AMD processors today.

DC to DC converters for 3.3V and 5V outputs to reach high efficiency.
Solid state capacitors provide uncompromised performance and reliability.

FAN Speed & Noise Level

Output  Specification


Input Voltage: 100V-240V
Input Current: 115Vac / 10A max. 230Vac / 5A max.
Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz


+3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5VSB

Max Output Current

25A 25A 69A 0.6A 3A

Max Output Power

160W 828W 7.2W 15W

Continuous Power


Total Output Connector

Main Power
(24 Pin)
EPS 12 V
1 1 1 N/A 2 2 7 7 1


Connector Type Connectors & Cable length
24pin 1 x 24pin Main connector(550mm) (Native Cable)
PCI-E 6+2pin 1 x 6+2 pin PCI-E connector (550mm) (Native Cable)
PCI-E 6pin 1 x 6pin PCI-Econnectors (500mm) (Native Cable)
EPS 12V 8 pin + ATX 12V 4 pin 1 x EPS 12V 8 pin + ATX 12V 4pin connector (550mm + 150 mm) (Native Cable)
PCI-E + 2 pin 1 x 6 +2 pin PCI-E connector (500mm)
PCI-E 6pin 1 x 6+2 pin PCI-E connector (500mm)
Molex & FDD 3 x Peripheral & 1 x FDD connectors (500mm + 150mm + 150mm + 150mm )
4 x connectors (500mm + 150mm + 150mm + 150mm)
SATA 4 x S-ATA connectors (500mm + 150mm + 150mm + 150mm) 
3 x S-ATA connectors (500mm + 150mm + 150mm)